Cheryl Cole Booted from ‘X Factor’ For Being Easier to Understand Than Paula Abdul

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Although Cheryl Cole is arguably the biggest star in the UK, her attempt to cross over to America has not worked out. Though she was tapped to be one of the four judges on the US version of  X Factor (which she was a judge on in England), TMZ announced today that Cole was let go and is being replaced with Nicole Scherzinger, aka the Pussycat Doll who can actually sing. The reason that Cheryl lost the gig? Reportedly, it was because her distinct “Geordie” accent was too hard to understand. (For an example of what a Geordie accent sounds like, check out this “Geordie Shore” video.) In a weird coincidence, Nicole won a season of Dancing with the Stars, and her pro partner was Derek Hough – Cheryl's rumored boyfriend. Nicole was also supposed to be hosting the show alongside Steve Jones, so I don't know if she's going to be replaced or if they'll just have Steve go it alone.

Maybe it's just me, but I don't think Cheryl's accent is that bad. You know who I do have trouble understanding, though? Paula Abdul, who will also be a judge on X Factor. She slurs and babbles so much that I occasionally think she might be speaking in tongues.