Chelsea Handler Continues Her Campaign To Be The Meanest Girl In Middle School By Calling Rebel Wilson Fat

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Chelsea Handler Beverly Hill May 13 2013

During last night's show, Chelsea Handler made a completely unnecessary joke about Rebel Wilson's weight while making fun of Kris Jenner. Because, why not squeeze a fat joke into a Kardashian joke?

“According to Star Magazine,” Handler said in her opening monologue, “I'm in a huge political feud with famed momager, Kris Kardashi-Jenner.””Don't get me wrong,” Handler continued, “I've been in the tabloids before—like the time I was beat out in a ‘Who Wore the Tankini Better' by Rebel Wilson.”

You see, it's funny because Rebel Wilson weighs more than Chelsea Handler. Therefore she would never beat Chelsea Handler in a bathing suit contest. Can you imagine a fat person looking good in a bathing suit? I certainly can't. That's why I doubled over with laughter when I heard this hilarious joke. I would say I can't remember the last time I laughed this hard at a joke, but that would be a lie. I specifically recall slapping my knee a whole lot when she hired an overweight man to impersonate Honey Boo Boo last year. That one's actually even more clever than this one because she's simultaneously making fun of a 7-year-old's weight and sex.  Two birds, one brilliant joke.

How does she come up with such wonderful material every single night? Well unbeknownst to most people, Chelsea Handler spends the majority of her time hanging out in a middle school lunchroom. It's where she really gets to work on her best material. You know, see which jokes make people grimace and which jokes make people straight up cry. She hopes that if she keeps attending lunch regularly –and making 7th grade girls feel bad about themselves — she'll finally get crowned as the most popular girl in school. Sadly, no one's willing to break it to her that she's about forty years too old to take home that prize.

(Photo: Devone Byrd,PacificCoastNews.com)