Chelsea Handler’s Excuse For Being Racist Is Exactly As Dumb As You’d Expect

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Chelsea Handler on ABC News promoting her book March 2014You guys are never gonna believe the excuse that Chelsea Handler is using to claim that she's not racist. Actually, you are gonna believe it, because it's the exact same excuse that every dumb person caught out in a racially-ignorant remark turns to: I can't be racist because…um…I'm friends with black people.

That's right everyone, Chelsea has employed that age old phrase to excuse her not-at-all-well-received tweets promoting her upcoming book Uganda Be Kidding Mewhich she sent out via the Huffington Post‘s Twitter account during the Oscars, any time 12 Years A Slave was given an award. Super sketchy and self-serving.

But not racist! At least according to Chelsea, who reminds us that it's completely impossible for her to be racist, on account of all the black men she's dated (a group that notably includes the rapper 50 Cent). Silly us. On Good Morning America this morning, Chelsea put all our fears to rest:

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“I'm not a racist. I date a lot of black people. So that would be a difficult thing to explain to them.”
Great! Mystery solved! I feel like such a nincompoop for ever thinking that her comment was ignorant! If ever there's an excuse for racism that only leaves me more convinced of its presence, it's that one.

But here's the thing — I honestly don't think Chelsea is actually racist. I think she's insensitive and doesn't care whether she offends people, but bottom line, I think she's exploiting an opportunity to sell her book. The more her name gets into the news and the more controversy she stirs up, the better her sales will be. We already know she's a smart lady, because of her intelligent, measured response to being marginalized as a woman in comedy a couple weeks ago, so I think what's happening right now is we're being trolled.

She wrote the book while she was in Africa, gave it a stupid punny name, and she's just riding the wave of (justified) public indignation and ridicule all the way to the bank. I won't say that she's right, because she isn't, but we're all definitely giving her exactly what she wants.