Chelsea Handler Shares A Naked Photo Calling Herself A Kardashian, Because Why Not?

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Chelsea Handler's talk show is ending this month, so she's gotta find some way to make us remember she exists before her Netflix show starts in 2016. That's a long time to keep the public's attention, so she's turned to the most logical solution that exists in the celebrity world: posing (nearly) naked and posting the resulting photo on Instagram with a vague comment. The above photo is simply captioned “I'm a Kardashian.” Well, the Kardashians are mostly known for having shows on E! and being naked or almost naked, so I guess according to that criteria she is a Kardashian!

While you take some time to search for her nipple (I'm assuming she's wearing skin-colored pasties, or maybe they're just shy and don't want to come out right now), I'll try to make sense of this whole situation. My skills of deduction (also known as my eyes) tell me Chelsea is in a locker room of some kind. Hmm, doesn't tell us much. Let's do some more digging.

Yesterday she posted a photo of herself in her underwear (below) with the caption, “Getting ready for my final shower scene. August 26th is the one hour finale. Orange you glad I told you?” Is “orange” referring to her skin color? If so, I'm glad she saved me the time of making the joke myself. Thanks for looking out, Chels.

That all adds up to her doing another one of those weird pixelated shower segments like she's done before with both Conan O'Brien and Sandra Bullock. Well, the lady certainly knows how to advertise. Not only is she grabbing our attention with the nudity, but she can actually say it has something to do with her show. And she managed to also get a plug in there for the Kardashians, which I'm sure they always appreciate. Kris Jenner's ratings IV isn't going to replenish itself, you know.