Chelsea Handler Channels Her Inner Disney Channel Star And Tweets A Risque Photo

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chelsea handler naked broken leg december 2013

You know what I love about Chelsea Handler? That there's so clearly a mean middle school girl living inside of her. Sure she may look all grown up on the outside, but watch her show and you'll find out that she can throw around cruel insults better than any 7th grader you ever hid from in the bathroom during lunch.

That's why I'm so intrigued by the photo she tweeted out yesterday. It seems like just the kind of thing she would mock another celebrity for doing. A classic “oh well lookee there, I'm a little bit naked in this here photo, but that's not at all why I'm sharing it” tweet.  You see, she's sharing this because she wanted to let us know that she hurt herself while skiing. She got so excited to share this news with her fans that she didn't even realize that her bathrobe's hiked all the way up her leg. You know Chelsea, always wanting to bring us the breaking news on her leg. Pun only sorta intended

And lemme be clear, I have no issue with a celebrity getting sexual on Twitter if that's what she wants to do. I may not always want to look at it, but that's my deal. I do however have an issue with a celebrity pretending like we're too stupid to see what she's doing. I also have issues with a celebrity who you know would make fun of another celebrity for doing the same thing.  And I have the most issues with the man in that photo. Who is he? What's his deal? Is he single? Ready to mingle? What is the last digit in the phone number on his back? So many mysteries, so few answers.