Watch Ellen And Chelsea Handler In The World’s Most Awkward Shower Scene

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Chelsea Handler Ellen DeGeneres shower scene August 2014

Last night was Chelsea Handler's final episode of Chelsea Lately. In addition to having an army of random celebrities sing goodbye to her, she also premiered her newest celebrity shower video with Ellen DeGeneres. In case you blocked it out of your memory, she's done this kind of thing before, with Sandra Bullock and Conan O'Brien. The only difference is that they were naked too, whereas Ellen chose to keep her suit on and don a shower cap. And somehow the fact that she's clothed while Chelsea's totally naked with only some very spare pixels to censor her makes everything even more awkward.

The other thing that makes it awkward is that there is zero audience laughter in this video. Usually laugh tracks annoy me, but in this case I was really desperate for one. Because while I'm usually pretty confident in my ability to identify when jokes are supposed to be funny, in this case I was really confused. Am I supposed to be laughing when Ellen asks Chelsea if she wasn't invited onto her show for being a lesbian? What about when Chelsea says she thought Ellen was married to Ryan Seacrest? Or when they take that long, uncomfortable pause and stare at each other? Or when Chelsea bounces around to prove she's okay with a lesbian seeing her naked?

At least now we can confirm that Chelsea's “I'm a Kardashian” naked Instagram photo from earlier this month was indeed for this segment. But just because I knew it was coming doesn't make it any less awkward to watch. However, it does remind me that Ellen's show is coming back on the air soon, so that's fun. Hopefully there won't be any laugh-track-free nudity involved, though. I think I need an adult now.