Chelsea Handler Making Fun Of Amanda Bynes Just Got Me Pretty Heated

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Chelsea Handler makes fun of Amanda Bynes on Chelsea Lately July 2013As Crushable reported yesterday afternoon, Amanda Bynes has been involuntarily hospitalized for mental evaluation after setting a fire in an elderly woman's driveway in California. And guys — call me an optimist, but I thought this might be the moment that Chelsea Handler would come to her senses and lay off the girl. I feel like as Amanda's condition (whether it's schizophrenia, or whatever it may be) has worsened, and her behavior has become more erratic, more and more news outlets every day change their coverage of her from pointing and laughing to expressing concern. As the situation has changed, fewer and fewer sites are willing to risk being the last person to poke fun at her before something really serious happens, until the only people really left flat-out mocking her are the members of the team at Chelsea Lately.

Their coverage of the situation has always bothered me, first of all because it's mean-spirited, and second of all because it's not funny. Chelsea isn't adding anything thought-provoking, humorous, or original to the conversation, so I'm not sure why she's talking at all. It'd be one thing if her take on the situation was based on her own ignorance of its severity, but she seems to have a pretty accurate idea of what Amanda is going through, and absolutely no qualms about exploiting that.

In this particular instance, Chelsea doesn't actually throw any of the shade herself, but opens it up to Chelsea Lately writer and frequent guest on the show Heather McDonald, who comes equipped with a flow-chart to show us what could happen to Amanda going forward. Interesting enough, it actually contains some information that I didn't know — like the fact that if doctors decide she isn't okay but she thinks she is, they can place her on a 5250 hold, which is another involuntary hospitalization, this time for fourteen days instead of seventy-two hours.

But instead of making any meaningful point about hoping she'll get better, or at least finding something actually funny to say about the situation that would make me laugh even though it's inappropriate, Heather just relies on the theme of “she's crazy”. And again, she's using the word ‘crazy' and more as a synonym to the word ‘funny' than to signify what it really means, which is ‘mentally unstable in a way that's likely terrifying to you and others, and in desperate need of outside help'. Also she uses the word ‘freak' which I can't abide in this context even for a second. It's pretty nauseating.

“You're staying for 14 days, we don't know if anyone's gonna visit you, TMZ's gonna be outside — you're a freak.”

…said the mother of two and stepmother of one. Very empathetic behavior, I'm sure you'd be speaking exactly the same way if this was your daughter. She's crazy, she's a freak, it's so funny that her life is falling apart and no one is helping her.

If they hadn't brought up Britney Spears themselves, I would've assumed they'd forgotten that this was how things started for her back in 2008. But nope! They remembered! They helpfully made the comparison themselves, conveniently leaving out the fact that that ‘fight she had with an umbrella' was the first stage in a series of events that ended with Britney losing custody of her children. Which I think is pretty effing serious on a devastating level, but what do I know, I'm just a twenty-something blogger with no kids and a shred of empathy.

So I'm sorry that Britney looked really funny to you while she was brandishing that umbrella, and that a lost girl like Amanda is amusing because she goes outside in a ratty wig and no pants, but you guys need to slow your roll and have a little compassion. You are grown-ass women who've become incredibly successful in life due to hard work, intelligence, and a shit-ton of luck, so why don't you use that to acknowledge that what is happening to Amanda Bynes could easily happen to you. Or to anyone. Or, y'know, barring that, at least be good enough at your job to make this situation actually funny. I don't know if it's more upsetting that you're mean or that you're lazy.