See If You Can Spot All The Random Celebrities Singing Goodbye To Chelsea Handler On Her Last Show

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Chelsea Handler Gwen Stefani goodbye song August 2014

Last night was Chelsea Handler's final episode of Chelsea Lately. To say goodbye, the show took a cue from Jay Leno, who earlier this year had a group of random celebrities, including a very off-key Kim Kardashian, sing him off The Tonight Show. But Chelsea totally had Jay beat in the celebrity department, considering just how many random famous faces there were in her crowd of singers. There's never been a better opportunity to play “Spot the Celebrity.” A more accurate name would probably be “Spot the Celebrity and then Wonder Why the Hell They're There,” because it's definitely an odd assortment.

First of all, you can see Gwen Stefani leading the song after she introduces Chelsea as “Chelsea Hammer,” no doubt a reference to her Colbert/Colbort flub at the Emmys earlier this week. (Guys, stop trying to make Colbort happen. It's not the new Adele Dazeem. Just give it up.) Once the camera starts panning over the crowd in wider shots, you can start to identify who's there. Of course Chelsea's BFFs Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock showed up, as well as her ex 50 Cent. I also see Naya Rivera and Vanessa Hudgens and… Kate Beckinsale? Miley Cyrus without her “homeless youth”? Marlee Matlin signing all the lyrics? Is that Bobby Brown? What the hell is going on? Seriously, just pause this video at any point and you'll be utterly confused.

There are also solos from people like Avril Lavigne, LeAnn Rimes (who makes a vague motion at Alanis Morissette that could mean “bow down” or “lower the volume,” I can't decide) and Gerard Butler. Yeah, I said Gerard Butler. And Chelsea even pipes in at one point. Needless to say, she sounds horrible.

Then Chelsea got a little more serious to say goodbye, at which point I noticed Justin Theroux and Natasha Lyonne were there too. I'm pretty sure I could watch this on a loop all day and still not spot everyone.