Chelsea Handler Took The BuzzFeed Queens Of Comedy Quiz Too, Got A Result Just As Weird As Ellen’s

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Chelsea Handler taking Buzzfeed comedy quiz on The Ellen Show April 2014Remember a few weeks ago when Ellen DeGeneres took that quiz on BuzzFeed that's supposed to tell you what female comedian you are? Well even if you don't remember, that happened, and she got Chelsea Handler, of all people.

And since she'd been Chelsea all her life and never realized it up until now, Ellen was understandably curious about who Chelsea was. How else would she be able to track down her true essence, residing inside the body of another hilarious famous lady like an irreverent horcrux.

Soooo she had her on the show, as you do when you're Ellen and you have a question for a famous person — just bring them on The Ellen Show and ask them in an interview, from the comfort of your own set. So Chelsea dutifully arrived and was handed an iPad, and got to making her selections…

…and you guys will never believe this, but she didn't get herself. She got Tina Fey! So the mystery still isn't solved, and now we have even more questions! Why does selecting a vodka-based drink as your favorite lead you straight to Tina, even though Chelsea has published a book with the word ‘vodka' literally right there in the title? What are you doing over there, BuzzFeed? Is my whole Facebook newsfeed just a lie? WHICH DISNEY PRINCESS AM I REALLY?!?!

But I shouldn't have worried, because Ellen is on the case. She's determined to trace this down to its origin, so she uttered the most beautiful sentence that has ever been spoken:

“We should ask Tina to take one and see who she is.”

YES. Yes yes yes yes yes. More blessed words have never graced my ears. CALL HER. Call her and ask her right now, and let's get her on the show and tell her I say hi.