Chelsea Handler’s 12 Years A Slave Tweet Is Super Hilarious If You’re Racist, Otherwise Not So Much

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chelsea handler that is stupid

Update: just when we thought it couldn't get more offensive than Chelsea…check out the insanely racist headline The Daily Breeze used to announce the Winner for best Picture.

During last night's Oscars, The Huffington Post handed over their Twitter account to Chelsea Handler. Which is only slightly safer than handing a baby your car keys and sending it on cross-country road trip. While I would've predicted this would end badly, I never would've guessed this badly. But that's only because her incredibly well-written piece on being a woman on late night television last week distracted me. Silly me for forgetting that her usual schtick involves incredibly offensive jokes that fail to make me laugh.

As you may or may not know from reading Unnecessary Racism Weekly, Chelsea's coming out with a book called “Uganda Be Kidding Me.” I know, I know, I'll pause for your uproarious laughter. Finished laughing over that hilarious pun? Great, then we can continue onto last night's shenanigans. The part where she uses 12 Years a Slave to promote her book. A movie, that I'll remind you, details the horrors of slavery in America.

First up? Congratulating Lupita Nyong'o on her Best Supporting Actress Oscar win and promoting her book in the same sentence. Why? Um, hello, Lupita Nyong'o's African and Chelsea Handler uses an African country in her super punny book title. Need I say more?

Next we have her congratulating 12 Years a Slave for their Best Picture Oscar and then giving readers the option to go to Africa or buy her book. While I'm always a fan of choosing your own adventure, I'm not a fan of her using an incredibly powerful movie about slavery to sell her book. But that's just little ole me speaking. If I'm missing an incredibly smart joke, just let me know in the comments. I'd hate to think I'm dismissing this as a cheap ploy to sell books when it's all part of some really well thought out statement on racism and Africa.

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