Check Out This Indian Gum Commercial Freida Pinto Was In

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Slumdog Millionaire star Freida Pinto went on The Today Show this week to promote her new film, Rise of the Planet of the Apes,  and during her appearance she talked about how embarrassed she is that some of her early commercial work has made it onto Youtube. “Some of my ads are now on Youtube and it's just so embarrassing,” she said. “There is a silly Wrigley chewing-gum ad you should check out. It's so stupid. This guys pops a gum in his mouth and I fall from a tree on to his bike! Then he's got a girl.” Ask and you shall receive, Freida Pinto. Here it is:

Wow, that wasn't stupid at all. I don't know what Freida was talking about. The falling women are a metaphor for how swiftly bad breath falls in the face of this gum, and the sheep in the end is a metaphor for how into bestiality someone at Wrigley is. Nonetheless, her current work is even classier. Congrats, girl. You've come a long way.