Check Out This Cool Map Of The U.S. Represented By Its Movies

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Check Out This Cool Map Of The U S  Represented By Its Movies ript map jpg

Although Hawaii and Alaska get no love, this is still a pretty awesome map of the United States, with each state marked by a famous movie that took place there. (This was a T-shirt, but it doesn’t seem to be available on Ript Apparel anymore.)

If you follow along with the movies’ locations, you can see some patterns about which regions of the country get which kinds of stories. Obviously this is all very unscientific since it’s just one movie for each state, but…

West – This part of the country seems to get a lot of misfits or misunderstood characters, like the kids from The Goonies, the unlikely ladykiller from The Tao of Steve, and of course Napoleon Dynamite.

Midwest – This is where the most fantastical stories take place — The Wizard of Oz, Children of the Corn, Field of Dreams — probably as some sort of statement against what might be seen as an otherwise ordinary life.

South – Probably the toughest part of the country according to its crime/violence-focused films, like No Country for Old Men, Scarface, and The Green Mile.

Northeast – This area is populated by a mix of dark dramas (Misery, anyone?) and comedies, both of which lead to self-reflection (Good Will Hunting, Groundhog Day).