Check Out Rihanna’s Trippy New Video For ‘You Da One’

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So Rihanna‘s music video for “You Da One” dropped today, and it's a tall, sweet drink of nothing but 100% Rihanna. Unlike her cinematic video for “We Found Love,” this video does not tell a story, instead focusing on Rihanna's ability to wear lots of cool clothes and writhe around while trippy projections play across her seemingly naked body. (Various sources say she was wearing a flesh colored body suit.)

As Rihanna songs go, it's less repetitive and annoying than “We Found Love,” but this video also has less to distract from the music, which has always been the thinnest part of the Rihanna package. It was directed by Melina Matsoukas, who also directed the Barbadian pop princess' sumptuous videos for “We Found Love” and “S&M,” making for a trilogy of sorts. Like all Rihanna videos, it showcases her ability to rock various kinds of off-the-runway fashions and make them look distinctly her own. Does this type of (relatively) stripped down approach work for her? What do you think?

(Via Entertainment Weekly)