17 Gift Ideas Every ’90s Nostalgia Nut Will Think Are Da Bomb

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Right now, the '90s are having their cultural moment as the MVD (that is, the Most Valuable Decade). And what that means is that everyone who's anyone is required to drop at least one tight '90s reference per minute. It also means that there's an entire section of the world's population that is, like, so over the present and will get misty-eyed at any mention of Saturday morning cartoons or slap bracelets. So, what better way to satisfy the nostalgic '90s lover who you're shopping for than with some phat throwbacks? (Alright, I'll stop with all of the '90s slang… psyche! No, but really, I will.)

So, without further ado, here are 17 gifts you can easily get your hands on that'll fill your '90s-obsessed loved one with holiday glee.

1. Nostalgic Candy Gift Box

'90s Nostalgia Candy Box


Price: $34.99

There's not one piece of candy in this box that I wouldn't eat until I felt sick and oddly remorseful. That's because it's filled with delicious full-size candy from the '90s, some of which are almost impossible to find now. Anyone who's got even the tiniest kid left in them will probably be glad to get this as a gift.

Buy it HERE!

2. The Craft Metal Wallet

The Craft Wallet

Price: $20.00

I talk a lot about how this movie scarred me (that shower scene was not okay, you guys) but I'm also really in love with it. It's just so creepy and cool and I have yet to have met someone who doesn't like it. So, odds are that this wallet will be welcomed with open arms (and then possibly levitated during a sleep over).

Buy it HERE!

3. Rugrats Crop Top

Rugrats Crop Top

Price: $40.00

I can hear the theme song just looking at this shirt. You know what else I can hear? The endless stream of compliments that your gift-ee will get from fellow '90s kids whenever they wear this.

Buy it HERE!

4. Lip Smackers

Lip Smackers Assorted Pack

Price: $9.99

I'm going to be completely honest here and say that I don't even remember if Lip Smackers are good at moisturizing your lips. The thing that I am totally positive of, though, is how amazing they smell…and also taste. Whatever, don't act like I'm the only one who would purposely lick it off of my lips.

Buy it HERE!

5. Friends Central Perk Mug

Friends Central Perk Mug

Price: $15.00

Because now they are likely an adult and adults drink out of mugs, not silly straws. But, that doesn't mean that they have to leave the beloved TV shows from their childhood behind. Help them show the world that they appreciate a good bit of sarcasm and a whole bunch of live audience laughter-ism with this mug.

Buy it HERE!

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