12 Obscure Pop Culture Halloween Costumes That No One Else Will Think Of Doing

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We're now days away from Halloween weekend and we couldn't be more excited to be stabbed in the eye by the girl who decided to wear weirdly sharp fairy wings to a crowded party. The only thing that gets us nervous about Halloween 2K12 is the concern that our Halloween costume ideas won't be original. That we'll be mistaken for just another sexy cat when we're actually slutty Binx from Hocus Pocus.

So out of concern that you too could be struggling with this fear, we thought it only fair to share our incredibly unique and shockingly affordable Halloween costume ideas with you. They're all from 2012, they're all filed under pop culture and they're all extremely obscure.

What does this mean for you? Well, let's just say that you can walk into your Halloween party confident that no one else thought about your costume, let alone actually did it.

1. A celebrity without make-up

The beauty of this brilliant costume is that you don't even have to decide which celebrity to be until someone asks you. They're all so incredibly unrecognizable without make-up that you can actually switch throughout the night. One second you're Jennifer Lawrence and the next second you're Brooklyn Decker. In case you're not already sold on this costume that allows you to wear clothes from your closet, let me remind you that you don't even have to waste any make-up.

Remember that time you spent hundreds on authentic clown make-up? Well, not this year!

2. Jennifer Lopez's areola

This little bugger just keeps popping out! So why should a Halloween party be any different. Build a lifelike areola on top of your head out of recycled household items(check Pinterest if you're unsure of how to do this) and then cover the rest of your body/face in some kind of glittery fabric. Done.

3. The photographer who creeped on Kate Middleton

So you want an excuse to take lurid photos of everyone at the party? Dress in all black, tape a few leaves to your body and snap away. Bonus points if you catch people in compromising situations! A BILLION BROWNIE POINTS if your compromising situations lead to you getting sued. Talk about a Halloween costume that gets people talking!

4. Blurred photo of Blue Ivy

Despite being born almost a year ago, we still have never gotten a great photo of Blue Ivy. It's like Beyonce and Jay-Z are determined to hog a clear image of her face all for themselves. While this continues to upset me on a day-to-day basis, it provides an awesome excuse to wear a onesie to a party and tape a blurry photo to your face.

5. A Girl from Prince Harry's Sex Tape

You know how Halloween parties always get so crowded and so hot? Well not in this costume! Let's see, you wear, um NOTHING and spend the night hitting on every guy dressed as Prince Harry. Also, it's a great excuse to do insane amounts of drugs. After all, you have to stay in character.

6. The dead relationship of Amy Poehler and Will Arnett

Le sigh, this divorce still lingers in all our minds. So turn your frown upside-down by grabbing an equally depressed friend and pulling off this incredibly scary costume. Because not every costume's meant to make people laugh. Believe it or not, you can use this holiday to make a socially provocative statement about the state of failed Hollywood relationships.

7. Lara Hodulick, the 3rd owner of End of Century from Gallery Girls

Like pulling a bunny out of a hat, this costume will please the crowds! You're not Claudia Martinez Reardon and you're not Chantal Chadwick…you're that third girl who showed up approximately 5 times throughout the season. Wear a flowy blouse and a scowl and everyone will get it.

8. Luca Comrie

If you have diapers laying around for any reason, this is the costume for you. Pair it with your friend who looks like Hilary Duff and you're set for the evening. Not completely sold? Keep in mind that your Hilary Duff for the night will be forced to carry you around so you don't make a fuss. And man oh man, you can make a fuss!

9 . A Pop-Up ad on your favorite website

Do you want to spend your evening ruining conversation by popping up whenever you want. Great! Print out a piece of paper that says “click here to claim your prize” and then proceed to spend your night interrupting anyone who looks interested in what someone else is saying.

10. Miley Cyrus' hair

Everyone who's anyone has wondered where it went since it so rudely deserted Miley's head this summer. Well, take advantage of this mystery by showing up covered in hair. Don't have hair laying around? Cut off your own and glue it to your face. Simple, easy, free!

11. Michael Lohan's phone

This phone certainly gets a work-out with all its calls to TMZ, the police, Lindsay Lohan and the mothers of his various children. Therefore you can think more abstractly when designing this costume. Try gym clothes and really make a statement about wearing non-literal Halloween costumes.

12. The Star of Fifty Shades of Grey

Trick costume! They still haven't cast the roles of Anastasia Steele and Christian GreySo if you're looking for the costume that's going to get you out of all and any social obligations for the evening, this is the one.