Let’s Get To The Bottom Of This Rumor About Eric Stonestreet Dating Charlize Theron

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Eric Stonestreet dating Charlize Theron rumor true false Twitter Halle Berry Emmys 2012What with Eric Stonestreet taking home the Emmy for Modern Family last night, I have no doubt that at this point you've heard the rumors about him dating Charlize Theron. It's certainly a head-scratcher, because up until now most people would've assumed that the two had never crossed paths. And yet, Eric's star is rising with his second Emmy, and he so happens to be recently single.

But where did this rumor come from, and how true is it really? We've done some digging through the last few days, going via Twitter, tabloids, and respectable magazines to come up with the most complete picture of this random potential Hollywood couple.

It all started on September 22nd, when the Daily Mail published a story claiming that Eric and Charlize were the hot new item. Interestingly, the story was from her perspective, saying that new mom Charlize “is said to have fallen” for Eric after they were introduced “by mutual friends” a few months ago. The fact that they had a photo of the two at the White House Correspondents' Dinner from April — and Charlize has her head on Eric's shoulder! — made the story seem somewhat legitimate.

Also helping the Daily Mail‘s case was the report that Eric and his girlfriend of three years, Katherine Tokarz, had split up. However, although E! reported this on September 18th, it turns out they had broken up about nine months prior. So, of course people are thinking that Eric is more than ready for a new romance. As for quotes from “insiders,” you got the usual stuff:

“Charlize and Eric get along incredibly well. They started off as friends but things are blossoming between them. Eric is down to earth and funny and Charlize thinks the world of him. It’s early days but they’re very fond of each other.”

Charlize Theron dating Eric Stonestreet rumor true false The Daily Mail Twitter Halle BerryNothing too unique, though the source played off the public's love of Eric for playing gay dad Cam on Modern Family. But only a day later on September 23rd, Eric took to Twitter and showed off that sense of humor by tweeting,

I wish people would stop spreading rumors that Charlize Theron and I are dating. Its starting to make Halle Berry jealous.

Good for him! It's the perfect reaction to such a random story. But just to clarify that it's untrue, on the same day Eric's reps told People, “There is nothing romantic going on between them. He has only met Charlize twice!”

No word from Charlize since she doesn't have her own Twitter account, but I think this pretty effectively puts the rumored romance in the “false” category. Of course, we can't forget this quote from People, from when they interviewed Eric earlier in the month: “I've never been recognizable like this and single at the same time, but it's definitely fun.” So, look for Eric to be connected to another hot star, probably sooner rather than later.

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