How Dare Anyone Accuse Charlie Sheen Of Trashing A Hotel Room While Entertaining Hookers

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Last night Us Weekly sent out a frantic email alerting the media that upstanding human being and all-around great guy Charlie Sheen destroyed another hotel room after a hooker ‘n blow party in the Ritz-Carlton. And to add insult to injury, they claimed that his ex-wife Denise Richards and their children, Lola and Sam, were staying at the same hotel where this all went down. Naturally, I didn't buy it.

A “source' told Us Weekly the following “story”:

“He totally trashed the hotel room!” reveals the source, adding that Sheen intentionally moved his hotel room to be out of sight and earshot from Richards and their daughters. “Escorts were seen coming and leaving,” the source notes. “In the end, Charlie was told that he wasn't welcome at another Ritz property ever again.”

Naturally I didn't believe it. Charlie Sheen? That awesome actor who took a brief hiatus from his hugely popular show Two and a Half Men to travel and to read and to do sunrise yoga. Yeah right. That guy would never go on a drug-inspired rampage in an expensive hotel while his two young daughters slept right down the hall. He's a family man through and through.

That's why I felt so much relief when I saw this statement from his rep this morning.

“The Anger Management star was merely having dinner with family and friends at the hotel … and was absolutely NOT participating in a drug and hooker party in his room. “

So there you go. He was just having dinner with friends. Maybe, and this is a big maybe, they spilled a few glasses of wine. And maybe someone got so excited that they flipped the bed over and maybe someone else accidentally did drugs off a hooker's stomach and threw a chair out of a window. But these are all big maybes.

If Charlie Sheen's rep says something didn't happen, it didn't happen.

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