Let’s Get To The Real Reason Charlie Hunnam Quit Fifty Shades Of Grey

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Charlie Hunnam attending Sons of Anarchy premiere September 2013I think I'm probably enjoying all the Fifty Shades Of Grey casting dramas more than I'm likely to enjoy the movie itself. Actually no, that's not fair — I'm not planning on seeing the movie, so I'm enjoying this drama way more.

As I'm sure you're aware, the most recently fly in the ointment is that at long last, the movie had finally settled on someone to play Christian Grey, Sons Of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam. I personally hadn't heard of him, which meant he was just perfect for the role, because he had nothing to lose and everything to gain. But apparently Charlie disagreed, because he bailed on the movie this past weekend, putting them back to square one less than three weeks before production is due to begin.

The reason for the cut-and-run is officially that his Sons Of Anarchy schedule conflicts with filming, but a lot of people didn't totally buy that, considering he was aware of that going in. It seemed much more likely that he wised up to the fact that this might not wind up being, how shall I say — a good movie? And new details being leaked to The Hollywood Reporter seem to suggest exactly that.

According to their sources, Charlie had been waffling for at least four weeks before pulling the plug, mostly due to the insane social media frenzy that got stirred up when the announcment was made. Some people were thrilled he took the role, some not so much, but regardless, everybody seemed to have an opinion, and they needed to SHOUT IT AT HIM. People were so amped up over it that Universal had to hire bodyguards for Charlie at a Sons Of Anarchy premiere, as well as deciding to cancel two promotion appearances — one in September and one in October.

And that's not all! Charlie is also a writer, which I didn't realize, and apparently once the detailed script notes he submitted (yup, he did that) were well-received, he kept wanting more and more control over the writing aspect, seeking more and more script approval.

“That's Charlie, that's who he is. He's particular.”

It was enough to put him at odds with the rest of the creative team, and even though they hired another writer, Patrick Marber, to do a script-polish and strengthen the characters, Charlie was already pretty much out the door.

Might've also had something to do with the fact that he was only supposed to make about $125,000 for the role, but who knows. Maybe they'll have better luck getting Robert Pattinson on board with that kind of paycheck. Ha.

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