Latest Episode Of Gallery Girls Proves Wolves Raised Chantal Chadwick

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Well, it's official. There's no way human beings raised Chantal Chadwick. Last night's episode of Gallery Girls only reinforced my theory that wolves brought her up in the wild. And not tame wolves that live on the edges of the suburbs. Savage wolves that live deep in dark forests that no one in the history of humanity has ever been brave enough to explore.

Not only does this explain her posture problem, but it also shines some light on her complete lack of understanding as to how humans relate to each other. You see, wolves are known for their blunt manners as well as their inability to understand simple business concepts — such as your company needs to make a profit if you want to succeed. You have no idea how many wolf start-ups I've seen come tumbling down because the wolves prefer hunting small prey over pursuing business leads.

Or I guess what I'm trying to is that Chantal continues her streak of horribleness this week as Claudia Martinez Reardon attempts to find a way for End of Century to stay in business. But before we get too far into that, let's catch up with the other girls.

Amy Poliakoff gets fired from her internship, Kerri Lisa gets stressed over working two jobs, Liz Margulies continues substituting therapy with camera interviews, Maggie Schaffer whisper-whines about something and Angela Pham convinces End of Century to display her photography in their pop-up shop at Art Basel.

Yes, that's right! It's Art Basel week on Gallery Girls and naturally they all go to Miami.

While you might assume that they're all going down there to work, you would be assuming wrong. You see, Chantal just wants to vacation. Working is so ugh! But Claudia's all like, “since this is an art event and we sell art, maybe we should do a pop-up shop down there.”

And Chantal is all like, “I just want to go to the beach and tan and suck the blood of small children!”

Then Claudia is all like, “But we need to make money for the store to pay rent!”

Which makes Chantal respond, “You really need to get off the adderall, or something.”

Because that makes sense. If Claudia would just get off the adderall, End of Century would start making money. Chantal read that on HowToRunABusinessWithoutActuallyRunningIt.com/PressItFrenchStyle.

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