After We Saw Him Get Down In Magic Mike, We Trust Channing Tatum To Protect The President In White House Down

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Channing Tatum White House Down set visit video Jamie Foxx President Secret Service shirtlessEven though we loved seeing Channing Tatum as a sensitive business owner/exotic dancer in Magic Mike, there's a certain appealing familiarity to seeing him play the more archetypal character of the big lug who's still smart enough to protect you in a dangerous situation. (This is probably because 21 Jump Street was the first Tatum movie I saw where I truly appreciated his comedic timing. You never forget your first.) That's why I was excited to learn about his new project, White House Down: Tatum plays a wannabe Secret Service agent who winds up accidentally protecting the President (Jamie Foxx, yes) when terrorists attack the White House.

Entertainment Tonight took a visit to the set, where they watched Tatum fight off terrorists with a toaster in the White House kitchen and run with Foxx through the esteemed building's secret tunnels. It should come as no surprise that this action movie is being directed by Roland Emmerich, the man behind the very patriotic Independence Day. You can already tell that there will be roughly the same level of irreverence; even though it's being billed more as an action picture, I have no doubt that Tatum and Foxx will bring funny one-liners to their chase scenes.

You can tell Tatum's a good sport when asked whether his three-piece suit is as easily ripped off as his duds from Magic Mike. And I have to agree with the person who uploaded this video: That pool scene is the perfect opportunity for just a little bit of shirtlessness.

Also in White House Down are Maggie Gyllenhaal, Rachelle Lefevre, Jason Clarke, and James Woods. The movie was initially scheduled for November of next year but recently got pushed up to June 28, 2013. Ostensibly this was so a) they could take advantage of the Independence Day holiday, but also b) so they wouldn't come out at the same time as the more intense action pic Olympus Has Fallen (formerly titled White House Taken) starring Gerard Butler.

And how has this film been promoted? Why, as “Die Hard in the White House.” We like the sound of that!

Photo: WENN.com