Excuse Me While I Watch Channing Tatum Feed A Puppy With A Spoon

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Channing Tatum for Vanity Fair cover shoot July 2013 Don't read this post unless you have no plans for the rest of the day because — I must warn you — it contains Channing Tatum doing some of the most adorable things that human beings are scientifically capable of doing. I'm not even a super big Channing fan, but I just had to put my day on hold for a significant amount of time to ogle these GIFs of him just hanging out with some farm animals on the set of his July covershoot for Vanity Fair. I can't. I just can't. I am completely incapable of handling any of this.Channing Tatum playing with a dog on Vanity Fair cover shoot July 2013 GIFYou know that thing in like robot movies (that's a thing, right?) when the robot ‘becomes aware' or whatever? And maybe has to overthrow its human overlord or maybe develops empathy, or something along those lines? I feel like up until this moment, I was that robot, immune to Channing Tatum's charms, and blissfully unaware of how adorable it could potentially be to feed a baby animal from a piece of human silverware.  Channing Tatum playing with a pig on Vanity Fair cover shoot July 2013 GIF

But this is the moment I awake! I just became aware of my human emotions after watching Channing snuggle a pig and let a dog lick his face. Look at that thing Channing does with his mouth like he's imitating these animal babies chewing. I can't handle it. I CAN'T. STOP ASKING ME TO.

Channing Tatum playing with a dog Vanity Fair cover shoot July 2013 GIF

Look at how much that dog wants to love up on him! and how he lets it lick inside his nose! It makes me think he's probably already a really great dad to his new daughter Everly, right guys? Ouch, my ovaries. And if that wasn't enough, I present to you, the crown jewel in Channing's cuteness collection…feeding a puppy with a spoon. OHGAWD.

Channing Tatum feeding puppy with spoon on Vanity Fair cover shoot July 2013 GIF

Now goodnight, I have to lie down and recover while the blood in my body returns to my extremities and away from my heart, which has grown three sizes this day.

(Images: Vanity Fair via BuzzFeed)