If You Think Channing Tatum Is Cute, Wait Until You See The Baby Who Beat Him In Basketball

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Channing Tatum Titus Ashby El Hormiguero

If you're in the mood to make your ovaries the center of your life today, then check out this amazing video of a two-year-old beating Channing Tatum at basketball on the Spanish show, El Hormiguero. It has everything that you want in an internet video: a hot celebrity, a talented child and a language that you studied in high school and subsequently forgot.

But before you click play and commit 8 minutes of your life to the amazingness that is this video, let me give you some background. The two-year-old you're about to see isn't just any two-year-old. His name's Titus Ashby and he's made the rounds this summer on TV shows showing off his basketball skillz. While I usually hate parents who show off their talented children, I make an exception for Titus. Mostly because he's truly talented. To the point that I can't help but wonder if black magic's somehow involved. (How? I don't know guys. I'm a blogger, not a witch.) Just look at this compilation video of him making trick shots as a baby. It's actually unreal.

You want to know what's also unreal? Watching him beat Channing Tatum, a grown adult, at the game. Channing graciously accepted his defeat and shared the following on Instagram, “He may only be 2, but this kid's got game! Had fun playing a little b-ball with Titus on #ElHormiguerotoday.” Then, as if this whole situation couldn't get any better, he picked Titus up to celebrate his success.  Channing Tatum + Titus = should I buy a baby today? Watch this video and then let me know if you want to go in on a child with me. Rumor has it Groupon's running a special on little ones.

(Photo: Instagram)