A GIF Guide To Understanding Channing Tatum’s Sex Appeal (NSFW)

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channing tatum magic mike stripping cop


Today is Channing Tatum's 33rd birthday. That's just a fact you should know. Like the sky is blue, elephants have the longest gestation period of any animal and Channing Tatum is 33. If you know these three facts then you're pretty much set for just about any conversation ever – whether you're in school or at the office or in Step it Up forum at 3 A.M one night trying to find the hidden meaning behind the film.

While I appreciate Channing Tatum, I don't exactly get all the hype around him. But that could just be because he's not my type — even though we both started our careers as strippers in Tampa. But sometimes you need more than a Tampa stripping connection to make things work. Or so I once read in a lesser-known chapter in Eat, Pray, Love.

In honor of Channing's birthday as well as my inability to get excited about having sex with the sexiest man alive, I thought I would create a GIF guide of reasons for why some people get giddy whenever they hear his name. You know, to help me help myself. It's all very scientific and very well thought out and I'll be surprised if you finish this post without wanting to watch in Magic Mike in slow motion.

1. He's an animal lover. And who can resist a guy who loves animals? Especially a man who loves them so much that he'll kill for them. Think about what he'd do for you?

Channing Tatum with a cat(via)

channing tatum you killed my fish


2. He's passionate. About what? I'm not 100% sure, but I love it either way. Whether he's in an undershirt or a button-down shirt, it's clear that he cares about what he cares about.

Channing Tatum, I'm trying to save what we had


i see the way you look at him channing tatum rachel mcadams


3. He can admit when he's wrong. And it takes a real man to do that.

channing tatum i always say the wrong thing


4. He has a pretty nice sense of humor. Which makes up for his cackle face.

Channing Tatum laughing 21 jump street(via)

5. He's smart. And on top of that he's interested in school and science and just general learning. Sign me up for Falling in Love 101.

Channing Tatum chemistry explanation 21 jump street


7. He can dance. 

channing tatum 21 jump street nipples(via)

7a. Like really, really dance. 

Channing Tatum dancing magic mike(via)

8. He's pretty good at taking his clothes off in an artistic way.

//Channing Tatum stripping down magic mike


9. He has a butt. And tell you what, he's not afraid to use it.  Or show it. Or let ladies put dollar bills in it.

Channing Tatum butt Channing Tatum butt stripping magic mike


10. Most importantly, he just wants you to be happy. And what's hotter than that?

channing tatum i just want you to be happy(via)