Newly Unearthed Footage From Channing Tatum’s Stripper Past Shows How Far He’s Come As A Dancer

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Channing Tatum might do some impressive stripper-dancing in Magic Mike, but believe it or not, he wasn't born knowing how to dougie. He had to learn, just like anyone else. And from the looks of some newly unearthed footage, he had to do at least some of his learning on the job.

In a video posted earlier today by TMZ, Tatum manages to screw up the “YMCA” dance while dressed like the Village People‘s little known alternate member, the Hula Man. This proves two things: Channing Tatum is definitely straight, and Channing Tatum didn't take to the art of dance quite as readily as one might think. Also: the strip club had a limited costume budget. Making him re-use his hula costume for a vaguely offensive “tribal” dance afterwards? Tacky.

It also reveals just how clueless the people who put on shows that are ostensibly “for women” really are about what women want to watch onstage. I'm not saying they can't learn anything from gay culture, but you need to tweak that shit at least a little bit for straight ladies to enjoy it. Of all the songs they might have chosen, did they really need to go with a widely known gay anthem? Get your own anthem, gentlewomen's clubs.

(Via TMZ)

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