Video: Channing Tatum Bromances Chris Pratt In High School Reunion Movie 10 Years

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We here at Crushable tend to enjoy movies with Channing Tatum in them, and we also enjoy Chris Pratt‘s antics on Parks and Recreation. Hence, we exponentially enjoy this clip from upcoming high school reunion flick 10 Years.

In it, Tatum's character and his girlfriend (played by his actual wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum) visit his old buddy (Chris Pratt) in a scene that will no doubt set off a series of madcap adventures, if I know anything about high school reunion movies (and I think I do). Ever the physical comic, Pratt lifts Tatum up over his shoulder before observing “you got fat, man.” “What, did you eat one of your kids?” Tatum shoots back. To which Pratt replies, “I'm sexy.” Bromance!

Written and directed by Jamie Linden, the film tells the story of a guy (played by Tatum) who is super ready to propose to his girlfriend until he reconnects with his high school crush (Rosario Dawson) and gets all confused. And who could blame him? Rosario Dawson is hot as hell. Other clips that have been released include a cutesy scene between the Tatums in the bathroom and a scene where Channing sings and plays a song on guitar. Swoon! I'm still not sure if this movie is going to be good, but if not, one can always zone out and stare at the beefcake.

(Via AceShowbiz)