Do You Have What It Takes To Work At Channing Tatum’s Very Sexy Restaurant?

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As previously reported, Channing Tatum is opening a sexy restaurant (a “sextaurant,” if you will) in New Orleans called Saints and Sinners that will build on the reputation for titillation that movie of the year Magic Mike helped him build. And now, that bar is so close to opening that it's looking for people “with experience” to work there. What kind of experience, you ask? Well, the Saints and Sinners Facebook page left it a little bit vague, so allow me to fill in the blanks for you.

-Must be able to put out multiple fires at once.

-Must have at least two years worm experience.

-Professional attire required at all times.

-Job may involve travel to the junkyard, the gun show, and/or funky town.

-All candidates must be flexible and willing to learn.

-Refined palate essential; degustation and sommelier experience a plus.

(Via Vulture)