We Know George Clooney Appreciated Magic Mike Because He Invited Channing Tatum To Lake Como For A Lover’s Retreat

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I'm not surprised to find out that George Clooney appreciated Magic Mike, a fine film about male strippers who are also aspiring furniture makers. But I am surprised that no one cc'd me on this Lake Como invite. What is the point about blog-stalking celebrities if they're going to totally “forget” to include you for fun weekend trips.

This past weekend, well-meaning paparazzi spotted Channing Tatum, his wife Jenna Dewan, George Clooney and his girlfriend Stacy Keibler enjoying the beauty of Lake Como.

Also the beauty of each other. They're like four really good looking people who spent a day on a yacht in their bathings suits. I would be shocked to find out that an orgy didn't happen. (And once again offended that no one invited me.)

Apparently Stacy and Jenna are total BFFs and this jaunt to Lake Como made sense since Channing was just wrapping up the European leg of his Magic Mike press tour.  That's why Stacy Keibler instagrammed this photo with the caption “Magic Mike storms Italy.”

And rumor does have it that they also stopped by the lake because Geo (that's what George insists on being called in Italy), wanted a few tips on how to best strip.

You see, he has this move totally down:

But wants to improve this one:


And we can't forget the real reason Clooney extended an invite to his exclusive Lake Como home — he totally wants a part in the Magic Mike sequel. As an elder stripper getting back in the game. An elder stripper who happens to be Alex Pettyfer's long lost father. TWIST. The movie focuses on the two men rebuilding their relationship while also delveoping a father-son stripper act that brings all deadbeat dads and their forgotten children together.

Or so I'm guessing.