Hope Channing Tatum Doesn’t Fall Off His High Horse When He Strips Down In Magic Mike 2

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Oh great. Just when I bought my life-size Channing Tatum doll made out of furniture that washed up on Florida beaches, I find out he's actually an egomaniac out to destroy everyone. I shouldn't be surprised though. He not only starred in the soon-to-be-Oscar-nominated Magic Mike, but he also got named People's Sexiest Man Alive. ALIVE! Out of the 3 million+ men that are alive right now, he's #1. That's an insane honor that I'm sure he's still trying to understand. However it sounds like his attempt to understand his newfound status as the best human being ever born has gone to his head.

One second he's a no-name stripper working the Tampa beat, and the next second he thinks he's Celine Dion starring in a Vegas show.

Celebitchy kindly transcribed the following interview from the print edition of National Enquirer that investigates these horrible allegations.

You should read it. But you should also prepare to hate Channing Tatum after you do. Sorry you splurged on that blu-ray copy of Magic Mike with deleted scenes. Because after this little ditty, you'll want to delete the whole movie. (That's a little preview of a joke from my new blu-ray stand-up act. Coming to Livejournals everywhere this spring!)

Channing Tatum has become too big for his britches, and his high-flying attitude is making him no friends in Hollywood, say sources. Despite the 32-year-old’s aw-shucks demeanor, his ego has eclipsed his red-hot career, and insiders charge that he treats some of his fellow performers like dirt.

“I heard actors say, ‘Channing is going to fall on his butt one day, and I want a ringside seat,’” a close source told The Enquirer. “There are a lot of actors jealous of his fame, but just as many see a guy who’s a little too full of himself. If you see Channing around big-name producers or directors, he’s bowing at their feet. But he barely gives lesser-known actors the time of day.”

On the set of ‘Magic Mike’, Tatum repeatedly butted heads with costar Alex Pettyfer, say insiders.

“Channing had a producer’s credit and acted like he owned the set,” charged the close source. “Alex played a character based on Channing during his stripper days, and Tatum bossed him around all day until they nearly came to blows. And even though Alex was second billed, Channing pretty much had him cut out of any promotion for the movie.”

Now Channing intends to become a Hollywood power broker in the mold of Brad Pitt and George Clooney.

“I don’t want to do any more movies that I don’t produce,” he announced. But the close source warns his ego may bite him right in his aspirations, saying: “A lot of people are rooting for Channing to be knocked down a peg or two.”

Yeah, it's gotten that bad. The guy thinks he's George Clooney. Yet he's already married and committed to one woman. He's going to have to divorce her and date a looooong line of ladies under 30 if he wants to even get close to approaching Clooney status. And as far as being Brad Pitt. Well, extensions, I guess.

Sure this could all be salacious lies spawned from jealous actors who must sit at the lesser-known table during lunch. But it's not uncommon for actors to get a little cocky after showing their cock-y. That's just a little Hollywood history lesson brought to you by this GIF.

So yeah, you walk out that door Channing Tatum, don't let your ego hit you on your way out.

(Photo: Slate/ GIF: Roccos Revolution)