Channing Tatum Continues To Expand The Magic Mike Franchise In The Most Logical Way: By Opening A Magic Mike Bar

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Channing Tatum Magic Mike theme bar New Orleans brothel Saints and Sinners

If you're too impatient waiting for Channing Tatum and co. to work out the script for Magic Mike 2 and you can't shell out the cash for the Magic Mike Broadway show — I don't blame you, it'll cost more than Book of Mormon! — don't despair. Because Chan wants you to still be able to join in on all the thonged fun! In fact, he literally wants you to make it rain all over some beautiful, nearly-naked male bodies. Which is why his next project is to make over a New Orleans pub into a Magic Mike theme bar.

…I know, right? I'm getting hot flashes over here, and not just because I'm thinking of the humid weather down in Louisiana. According to In Touch, Channing and his friend Keith Kurtz recently bought the brothel-style pub Saints and Sinners in New Orleans, with the intent of bringing in an all-male revue that matches up with the somewhat-campy-somewhat-serious Steven Soderbergh film that surprisingly touched us in more places than one. It makes perfect sense! Magic Mike is set in a Florida strip club; transplant the same kitschy decorations and involved dance routines/costumes into the real world, to provide women with a little fantasy away from home. It's like Cheers, but where everyone knows your dick size.

Channing is reportedly planning on a blowout re-opening party in November. I'm saying it now: His co-stars better rework their schedules, because if there's a Magic Mike bar and Alex Pettyfer, Joe Manganiello, Matt Bomer, and Matthew McConaughey aren't there and aren't providing opening-night lap dances, the bar will never succeed.

Channing Tatum Magic Mike theme bar New Orleans brothel Saints and Sinners

God bless America.

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