Channing Tatum’s Secret Handshake With His 13-Year-Old Co-Star Just Left The Parent Trap In The Dust

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Channing Tatum s Secret Handshake With His 13 Year Old Co Star Just Left The Parent Trap In The Dust Channing Tatum Joey King Secret Handshake Good Morning America jpg

Let’s kick this Channing Tatum handshake expose off with a few key facts about The Parent Trap.

1. It’s one of the best movies ever made.

2. No one knows what happened to the identical twins who starred in it.

3. I spent many long hours practicing Annie and Martin’s handshake in case I ever went to camp, met my estranged twin sister and for some reason, needed to impersonate her.

Channing Tatum s Secret Handshake With His 13 Year Old Co Star Just Left The Parent Trap In The Dust parent trap handshake annie martin gif

I felt the need to share these vital facts with you for one reason and one reason only: you now know I’m not messing around when I say that Channing Tatum’s secret handshake with his 13-year-old White House Down co-star Joey King’s a thing of brilliance. As a Parent Trap enthusiast, I know secret handshakes and I know platonic relationships between young teens and their older gentlemen friends and I know that this one’s pure magic. Why, I think I saw sparks come off it when it went down on Good Morning America today. It’s just that good.

But I guess I should back up a few steps and explain what’s happening here. Channing Tatum’s promoting his upcoming movie White House Down all over the place this week. In fact, we’ve already written about him today. As part of his tour de buy-tickets-please, he stopped by Good Morning America with his movie daughter Joey King. The show’s hosts commented on the pair’s amazing chemistry together, prompting Channing to say that he hopes his new daughter Everly’s half as awesome as Joey. Oh, I’m sorry. Do you need me to stop for a second while you collect your ovaries. I know the feeling. Mine are currently laying on the floor. Collecting dust and refusing to come back in until I’m ready to stop writing about Channing’s fatherly thoughts. In fact, they say they won’t return until I write about something less sappy, something like Paula Deen or Edward Snowden or Bruce Jenner’s face.

So while I work on the old O’s, you should watch this handshake. Just be prepared to spend the rest of your day trying to learn it.