A GIF Guide To Why We Love Channing Tatum

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So why is Channing Tatum so lovable? Simple. He's a lover in She's the Man, a sensitive soldier in Dear Johnand now a hero in White House Down. Duh, he's perfect, and unfortunately for me he's very much married to Jenna Dewan Tatum. Channing's role in White House Down as a police officer who saves the president and BASICALLY the entire country only solidifies his hotness and makes me wish I could hire him as my personal bodyguard. It's not just Channing's beautiful smile or chiseled features that appeal to me (although I'd be lying if I said I'd love him the same without them), but also his confidence, honesty, and sensitivity. His hip thrusts aren't bad either. 

We've created a guide to highlight what exactly it is about Channing that we love soooo much:

1. He's soft hearted. Channing has feelings buried beneath those bulky muscles and occasionally he chooses to express them.

Channing Tatum Gif holding a soccer ball


2. He's confident and sassy.

Channing Tatum gif, in police uniform, snapping fingers


3. He'd prefer being comfortable. Sometimes a man thong just won't work for Channing. He has sloppy sweatpants days just like the rest of us.

 Channing Tatum gif, dancing in baggy grey sweatpants from Step Up


4. He's a hugger. You can give me any kind of hug you want any day of the week, Channing.

 Channing Tatum gif, in green pullover sweater asking for a hug


5. He gets easily embarrassed.

Channing Tatum gif, in blue polo, in She's the Man


6. But he's also not afraid to flaunt what he's got.



7. He's athletic and competitive. Channing obviously enjoys throwing a basketball around with Jamie Foxx, his costar from his newest flick White House Down.

Channing Tatum gif, playing basketball against Jamie Fox


8. He expresses himself well. When Channing is excited he lets you know with intense hand gestures and crazy eyes.

Channing Tatum gif, in white sleeveless shirt, having a fit of excitement


9. He's wise. He gives great advice and clearly understands everything about everything.

Channing Tatum gif, its crazy how wrong you can be about somebody


10. He's honest. Channing will never lie to you. How many guys do you know would bare their souls like him?



11. He thinks you're beautiful! Any girl would die to hear those sweet words coming out of his mouth, including me! Overall, he's perfect.

Channing Tatum in a vest gif, You look beautiful today


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