Can You Tell The Difference Between Channing Tatum And His Butt Double In The Magic Mike Red-Band Trailer?

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When I saw that the Magic Mike red-band trailer had gone online, I shoved aside all of my other posts to jump on it. After all, the movie is rated R for “pervasive sexual content, brief graphic nudity, language, and some drug use”—and with the UK trailer out, we might actually get to see some of that before the movie’s release in two weeks! So I was a little bummed that the raciest part of the supposedly restricted trailer was a lot of butt shots.

Then I smacked myself across the face and decided that I would appreciate what we’d been given. After all, it seems as if we get some gratuitous G-string action from star Channing Tatum, his protege Alex Pettyfer, and maybe also club owner Matthew McConaughey? I’ve been over the trailer several times — I know, tough job — and am trying to figure out which of the guys really drop trou.

Of course, the question is whether they used butt doubles. Usually that goes without saying — just another piece of moviemaking magic — unless you have a movie like Shame, where the studio promoted the shit out of the fact that Michael Fassbender would be doing full-frontal nudity. In promoting Magic Mike, Channing seems to be doing a mix of the two. Like, he’ll say things like this to MTV News: “The first day of rehearsals, I looked at the guys and we went through our stuff, and I was like, ‘All right. It’s time to get naked, boys.’ And it was hilarious that none of them really balked.” He’s also talked about training for scantily-clad scenes: “I think pre-movie is pretty intense because to get butt naked, you have to—there’s a different regimen for getting butt naked, but thank God, it was a short shoot.”

So, is this Chan’s way of telling us that his nude shots are 100% him? Because we can appreciate that kind of dedication to his craft. Or maybe it’s some really good editing. Won’t you join me in multiple rewatches and debate in the comments?