18 Times Friends‘ Chandler Bing Summed Up Life as a Twenty-Something

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Everybody has that one Friends character who just gets them. And it makes sense — the six leads are archetypes in and of themselves: Joey Tribbiani's the playboy, Pheobe Buffay's the “weird one,” Rachel Green's the girly-girl, Monica Geller's the control freak, Ross Geller is the nerd, and Chandler Bing is… well, Chandler Bing. Can you guess which one has me screaming “SAME!” at my computer screen? Yep, Mr. Bing himself.

What can I say? Something about the idea of being a “data transpondster” has me waking up on the right side of the bed, and walking around with a little extra pep in my step. At this point in my life, Chandler sums up the life of a twentysomething millennial better than any other TV character at the moment. And he's note even a millennial.

Here are all the times that we were one and the same at Chandler Bing:

1. When he prioritized drinking over everything else


It's five o'clock somewhere! Social events almost always revolve around alcohol. Brunch: mimosas and Bloody Marys. Girls' night in: wine (red AND white). Taco Tuesday: frozen margaritas. Post-work day happy hour: all of the above (and more). You've got to live while you're young! And what better way to live than to drink your days away?