Chairlift Made A Nifty ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ Music Video For New Single ‘Met Before’

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Remember those “Choose Your Own Adventure” books you read as a child? Those books were awesome, even though you totally always cheated and read both possible outcomes of your choice before making it. Well, the indie rock band Chairlift has taken the format to a whole new level with the video for their new single “Met Before,” which, like so many things made by millennials, marries childhood nostalgia with modern technology. And unless you're a computer hacker, it's impossible to cheat.

The innovative clip features the Chairlift kids as uncommonly stylish Ph.D students listening to a lecture about the theory of alternate realities. “Instead of Ph.D students, maybe in another world you’re rock stars,” the prof says. Ha ha, get it? The viewer is then invited to follow either a guy or a girl out of the classroom, a simple choice which spins into yet more choices until you have one of many unique narratives. It's like hundreds of videos in one! (Or thousands, maybe? It's been awhile since I studied permutations.)

The video rewards repeated plays with lots of cool outcomes, my favorite so far being the one where the brown haired babes discover the neural underpinnings of déjà vu. It's a bit of a stretch, but whatever. Parallel universes!

In addition to being a good time waster, it's a smart way to market the song, as by the third listen, it's pretty much guaranteed to be stuck in your head. Hope you like Chairlift! Then again, you can also make choices that kill your character, so it's good for people who hate Chairlift, too.

(Via Co.Create)