Chad Kroeger Was Definitely Seeing Avril Lavigne Behind His Old Girlfriend’s Back

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Just when you thought your two favorite musicians were all ready to settle down in peaceful matrimonial bliss, comes a revelation that could threaten to tear Chavril‘s very roots asunder. I expect to hear a very sad Avril Lavigne song about this someday soon.

According to Avril's spokeswomanChad Kroeger and Avril Lavigne dated for a whole six months before getting engaged. (That's like six years in celebrity time!) But in her haste to make it seem like Chavril had a solid and longstanding foundation, she forgot that this overlaps with the time he was confirmed to be dating his last girlfriend, Kristen DeWitt. “I'm dating a girl from Ohio,” he told Douche 101.1 back in April. Everyone knows Avril Lavigne comes from Planet Hot Topic in sector 7 of the Mall Punk Galaxy, so this was obviously referring to Kristen. Whoops!

Sensing a prime opportunity to call out her ex in public, Kristen (who tweets as K8Ebunny) took to Twitter yesterday to say, “The moment you find out ur ex of four months is engaged to the girl he was cheating on you with! #classic.” This mighty burn was quickly canceled out by the fact that she uses a 10-year-old's AIM handle and had sex with the guy from Nickelback. Nevertheless, I find it a sad state of affairs that this cheesy-but-attractive woman:

And this adorable member of the ferret family:

Are fighting each other for sexual access to this:

If the guy who wrote the romantic masterpiece “Something In Your Mouth” isn't capable of monogamy, is there any hope for the rest of us?

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Photos: Hello! Canada, WENN