Chad Duell Debuts On ‘General Hospital’

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Chad Duell Debuts On  General Hospital  ChadDuell 256x300 jpgIf you ever channel-surf on, say, weekend mornings, you might remember Chad Duell from Disney Channel’s Wizards Of Waverly Place. The 22-year-old actor has crossed over into General Hospital territory, and makes his debut today on the ABC soap. He enters a world of intrigue as Michael Corinthos, the adopted son of mob boss Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Bernard) and Carly Corinthos Jax (Laura Wright); Michael is responsible for the murder of his stepmother, and chances are Sonny might take the wrap and go to prison in his place.


Michael is the adopted son of mob boss Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) and the son of Carly Corinthos Jax (Laura Wright) ( his real dad is the late AJ Quartermaine of the prominent Quartermaine family.)

Over a year ago, a stray bullet (meant for his dad) sent Michael into a coma that changed his life, and his family, forever. After a year asleep, Michael woke up no longer the sweet little boy everyone remembered. He became interested in becoming involved with the Mob and ended up killing his step-mother claudia. A year later, all of this is finally coming to a head…will michael admit he killed Claudia or will his father Sonny take the wrap for it? Here is a summary of what to expect this week:(not Dante was recently revealed as the long loss son of Sonny. He is a cop, so is very torn with what to do : follow the law or protect his brother Michael)

This week on General Hospital, Dante finally cracks the case and discovers where Michael is hiding. To do so, he pretty much has to put one over on Morgan, which already has Dante feeling incredibly guilty. And that guilt won’t go away with the big decision he has to make: Does he drag Michael back to face a courtroom and maybe send his own father to prison? Or does he keep Michael hidden and turn his back on the law?

Whatever Dante decides, it becomes significantly more complicated when Michael finally tells Dante he killed Claudia. Can Dante POSSIBLY keep that a secret? Does Michael even want him to? Remember, this is the week that Chad Duell takes over the role of Michael, so don’t miss his very first episode!