Not Even Chace Crawford Can Resist Jumping On The ‘Let’s Diss Gossip Girl’ Train

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One very obvious sign a TV show has grown indefensibly terrible is when its own stars start publicly dissing it without even caring what it will do to their reputations, the ungrateful little shits. This has been happening with Gossip Girl for some time now; Penn Badgley has done the obvious Dan Humphrey thing and said it was a tough choice between Gossip Girl and being a waiter, and serious actress Blake Lively has also gone on the record saying it wasn't her “best quality of work.” But Nate Archibald? Poor little rich adorable human furniture Nate Archibald? Who will diss GG next, the girl who played the middle school version of Blair???

“I'm gonna look for my dignity,” Nate Chace Crawford told Us Weekly. “My dignity is somewhere on set. I think it happened around season two. Leading into season three, it was all out the window.” HOW DARE YOU?

He then illustrated where some of his dignity had gone by talking about how much he was going to miss his hair and makeup team:

“I saw them for, like, an hour everyday. I talked to them about my life problems. Some were like a therapist. I'm gonna miss those girls.”

I'm glad he was friendly with the show's staff, but no grown human, male or female, should have to spend that much time getting things done to their hair and face just to look like a regular, non-makeup-wearing man-boy. TV is weird.

This also confirms my suspicion that Chace Crawford is just like Nate, in that he does whatever Dan and Serena tell him to do.

(Via Us Weekly)

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