Celebs Tweet Mother’s Day Wishes

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Celebs Tweet Mother s Day Wishes Picture 11 png

Today is Mother’s Day, and all the celebs on Twitter want to send their moms a little love. Some like P!nk are celebrating their first Mother’s Day, some, like Chris Colfer want to spread the love to moms IRL and show biz moms, and some, like Kourtney Kardashian want to give a shout out to a mother who’s in the spotlight just as much as she is.

The sentiments are all sweet, though some were more elaborate than others. Miley Cyrus helped us picture the kind of Mother’s Day celebration she’s giving her mom by tweeting her mom’s breakfast will come complete with the gift of jewelery, Emma Roberts is bummed she and her mom aren’t in the same city today but still sends her love, and Taylor Swift marked the day with a little mother-daughter nostalgia putting up the photo above (so. much. velvet.)

It looks like the moms of these stars are going to be well taken care of today. Check out some of the cutest Mother’s Day tweets from your favorite celebrities below.

Photo: (Instagram)