26 Celebrity Wax Figures That Look Nothing Like the Stars They’re Modeled After

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Celebrity wax figures are quite fascinating. They're like those creepy mannequins that we see in department store displays, except they're even more lifelike and strikingly similar to the stars that they're modeled after (like, who hasn't gotten confused after seeing photos of stars posing next to themselves?). Or at least they're supposed to be.

We've seen enough famous replicas to know that there are just as many awful wax figures as there are impressive ones. For instance, when Madame Tussauds in New York recently unveiled their version of Beyonce, fans were understandably furious. The figure appeared to be several shades lighter (to the point where she passed for white), and it didn't help that she barely resembled the singer at all. (We'll show you later, don't worry. It's crazy.)

This is just one of many instances where celebrity wax figures turned out to be major disappointments — and some, dare we say — just might be nightmare-inducing. Think we're exaggerating? Well, just wait until you see this collection of famous replicas gone wrong.

1. Jessica Alba
The Wax Version:

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The Real Person:

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So this is supposed to be Jessica as Susan Storm from Fantastic Four… Clearly, whoever made this either didn't even see the film at all or doesn't know who Jessica Alba really is. This wax figure looks more like Jennifer Garner, IMO, and she has literally none of Jessica's features. Maybe they confused the names? But hey, kudos to them for at least getting the outfit right.