The Insider’s Guide To Getting A Celeb To Favorite Your Tweet

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As an openly devout celebrity fangirl, I love Twitter. Seriously. Twitter is amazing because you can try your best to be hilarious when live-tweeting reality shows and Lifetime movies (and not be horrified if no one “Likes” your comment), post all your favorite song lyrics and movie quotes without coming off as emo, and — the best part — scroll through every single humblebrag/selfie/#ootd/overly-filtered-photo-of-food of all your favorite celebrities. When Kim Kardashian is debating whether or not to get blunt bangs (and posting multiple keek videos to help her decide), I feel like I’m right there next to her, holding her hand and reassuring her of this incredibly brave life change after every vertical snip.

But what most people don’t realize is that Twitter reveals more about our favorite stars than we may realize. Even more than they may realize. Sure, we all read their thoughtful tweets during school/work/traffic/bathroom breaks throughout the day, and we love every single one of them. If the tweet is especially awesome, we give it a gold star — we favorite it. But which tweets do they love? Which 140-characters are their favorites? And if they end up favoriting one of my layman tweets, sealing its fate in a virtual case of chosen tweets on their iPhones forevermore, what does that say about them?

I put my hard-earned college degree to work by scavenging through the Twitter accounts of these famous social updaters to decode their favoriting formula and, therefore, their entire approach to life. Read it closely and you might just find the secret to getting your tweet favorited.

So with no further ado, here’s what celebs are favoriting on Twitter.

Tweets that obviously point out their awesomeness. Everybody loves a compliment — and these people probably like to read them over and over again! Amanda Bynes favorites the tweets that salute her sexiness and tell her she’s the shit. Rachel Zoe loves it when you die about how maj she is, how maj her show is, and how maj the outfits she wears on her show are. Emma Watson rewards the fans that praise her performance in The Perks of Being a Wallflower and say you voted for her in the MTV Movie Awards (she’s known to go on rampages where she just favorites a ton of fan tweets at time, further proving that she’s awesome and fangirl-worthy).

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Tweets that fangirl their latest project (and therefore, them). Remember, (most of) these people initially became famous for a reason, so them and their hard work ethic love when fans commend them on their new movie, show or song. Mindy Kaling loves it when you show all of your followers that you’re watching her show, and you love it so much that you had to tweet about it. Britney Spears gives gold stars to those who shout about buying her official iPhone app or that “Scream and Shout” song she’s barely in, and especially liked it when people proclaimed they were voting for her X Factor contestant, Carly Rose. Nicki Minaj gets excited when you simply tweet out the title of a song she’s in — I mean, “Tapout” is only six letters long, and at the rate she’s clicking “Favorite” on tweets lately, you might just get that gold star!

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Tweets that offer helpful encouragement and advice (with links!). These practical people use Twitter like a “Read Later” function, using those gold stars to bookmark tweets they want to refer to in the future. Clearly, Rihanna relies on the daily Pisces horoscopes. Channing Tatum collects encouraging tweets from fellow stars and promotional links from company Twitter accounts; his wife and expectant Jenna Dewan-Tatum now has plenty of inspirational quotes, alongside links to vegan recipes. Ashton Kutcher also loves abstract advice, as well as links to news about tech and startups. Neil Patrick Harris puts out open calls for practical matters like an affordable handyman or a home in Harlem, so if you and your tweet actually meet the criteria, you’ll definitely make the cut.

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Tweets that are incredibly random and have no commonality at all. So Miley Cyrus has favorited tweets from Rachel Zoe’s blow-dry bar about job openings, Rumer Willis complaining about traffic and a fan who says the grown-up Disney Channel stars were better as G-rated tweens than Spring Breakers starlets. Lindsay Lohan is equally random; she has only favorited fifteen tweets, three of which are her own — something Justin Bieber did four times himself. (I honestly have no idea how to decode these celebs’ Favorites feed, but then again, I honestly don’t understand much about these three in particular anyway. Sorry.)

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Tweets that reply to their tweets and are factually amazeballs. Lena Dunham happily favorites tweets that reply to her hilarity with even more hilarity. It doesn’t matter if she just told the world about her dog pissing on the dining room table or her Kombucha tea explosion of 2013 in her purse — funny is funny, and Dunham objectively loves funny. So think of ten solid one-liners in response to her latest tweet and send them her way. However, beware of higher competition when they’re Girls-related: on Sunday nights over the past three months, the actress/writer/producer/director/voice-of-our-generation favorited a handful of tweets with jokes that successfully played on Q-tips and the number eight.

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Tweets from fellow celebs that say absolutely anything. When Mia Farrow tweets a heart to Lena Dunham, or when Nicki Minaj sends a smiley face to LiLo, or when Britney Spears thanks Miley for the birthday wishes, it’s favorite-worthy. Doing so is practically the digital version of never washing your hand after a rock star reached out to you at a concert. Except this way, you actually can wash your hands (thank goodness), and still let all your fangirls followers know that it happened.

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*Note: Beyonce, Adam Levine, Justin Timberlake, Taylor Swift, Josh Hutcherson, Kim Kardashian (seriously?!) and Christina Aguilera are celebs who never favorite anything. Ever. Either they’ve never discovered the Favorite function on Twitter at all, or they know all about it. And how public it actually is.

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