Crushable Quiz: See If You Can Match The Deleted Tweet With The Celeb Who Wrote It

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Kanye West At Kim Kardashian's Birthday Celebration Las Vegas Nevada

If you think that there's anything in the world that I love more than celebrities making fools of themselves on social media, then you'd be wrongity wrong wrong. It's actually the greatest thing. And the thing about making a fool of yourself when you're a celebrity is that it really doesn't take much. One minute you're making a decision without consulting with your publicist and the next you're getting hate-tweets from every person on the internet. But sometimes, those celebs catch themselves saying crazy things and then delete the tweet before anyone can see it and point and laugh. And, you know, so what if tens of thousands of people have already retweeted the embarrassing tweet? The important thing is that they tried.

So, because everyone on the internet has the creep gene infused with their DNA the second they make their first online account, I was able to compile such a glorious group of tweets that celebs deleted for one reason or another. Each just bursting with embarrassing goodness and entertainment for us all. And, to make things more fun and whimsical, why not make a guessing game of it where you see if you can guess which deleted tweet belongs to which celeb? I think that sounds lovely.

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