10 Celebrity #TBT Photos That Will Make You Feel Like You’re In A Time Machine

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It's Thursday, more popularity known by the cool kids as throwback Thursday. Or by the even cooler kids, as #tbt. It's the best/worst day to scroll through your Instagram feed. Best because seeing photos of your adult friends when they wore braces is hilarious, worst because even baby photos are only hilarious the first hundred or so times. But that's probably because my Instagram feed is full of people like me (aka normals) – celebrity #tbt photos are always wonderful, if only as reminders that these beautiful, rich people used to wear acid wash denim, too.

Here are some recent celebrity #tbt photos, to make you feel better that you, too, were a chubby baby, and it's okay to let your Instagram followers know that.

1. Lindsay Lohan

I used to dress up as Disney princesses for Halloween, too! This photo appears to show that Lindsay did normal, kid-like things in her childhood. I don't think the genie was listening when she used her three wishes to keep her out of rehab, though.

2. Jesse Tyler

This may not be a typical throwback since Jesse is a grown man and not a teenager holding a Walkman, but if I touched hands with Betty White once, I'd want to remind everyone, too.

3. Ludacris

Ludacris looks surprisingly dapper in a tie! And how adorable that he's honoring his dad instead of just trying to get laughs at an old dorky school photo. Every school photo ever taken was dorky, right? That wasn't just me?

4. Ansel Elgort

Here's a goofy #tbt from an up and coming actor. Don't recognize him? Read all about him on our 25 Crushable Guys Under 25 For 2013 list. He looks even better with his tongue inside his mouth.

5. Beyonce

Was there ever a time in her life when Beyonce didn't look glam? I think this #tbt answers that question: no.

6. Gwyneth Paltrow

There's been a lot of drama surrounding Gwyneth's fight with Vanity Fair recently, but this photo of her with her mother Blythe Danner is low key – and beautiful!

7. Drake

So technically Drake didn't tag this with a #tbt, but this photo obviously wasn't taken yesterday. And how adorable is he as a Ninja Turtle! Almost as adorable that this is a Polaroid photo and it's labeled “Halloween Ninja Turtle” in case that wasn't obvious by his apparel.

8. Mario Lopez

Cute chubby baby alert! It's nice to see a photo of Mario before he was all chiseled and muscled.

9. James Van Der Beek

At first I couldn't believe I could be afraid of James Van Der Beek (he's Freddy Kreuger in this photo) but that I remembered then creepy episode of Criminal Minds he stars in.

10. Lori Loughlin

I love everything. about. this. photo. Sadly there doesn't seem to be any truth to the Full House reunion rumors, but at least we have pictures like this to help us reminisce!