The 10 Best Celebrity Temper Tantrums Of 2013

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The 10 Best Celebrity Temper Tantrums of 2013 Ron Swanson I Hate Everything gif


Like small children who have been denied that firetruck in the store window, celebrity temper tantrums are the most entertaining things to witness. (Unless you’re directly involved in them, in which case, probably not so much.) And, if saying that makes me a bad person, then I fully accept my future full of refusing to hold other people’s newborns and not pushing in my chair when I stand up. But you know it’s true. I’d actually wager to say that there are few things that are better than curling up with a big bowl of celebrity temper tantrum, heated to the precise temperature of “very public and very scandalous.” I, for one, hate it when celebrities have their tantrums in private, because however will I gossip endlessly about them if there wasn’t even one headline written about it?

That’s why I’m so appreciative of these celebs who have neither a filter for public situations nor a publicist to make things all better afterward. They make the sun shine a little brighter and the celebrity gossip bloggers blog a little harder. So, as a token of my appreciation, here are this year’s 10 most juicy celebrity temper tantrums.

1. Justin Bieber attacks the paparazzi.

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Once upon a time, Bieber spidermonkey’d a paparazzo who had insulted him as he got into his awaiting car. He full on flung his body in the general direction of the guy and even threatened him, which I’m sure caused an immediate flood of fearful tears from the pap. Or not. But Bieber would like to beliebe that he and his 1994 beanie were taken super duper seriously.

2. Jonah Hill flips out over fart questions.

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After getting one teensy Oscar nom for Moneyball (psh, I’ve won 65 and counting), Jonah refused to make a joke or laugh or even smile unless seated in front of a clown. A writer made the mistake of asking him a fart-related question —which Old Jonah would have loved— and New Jonah went off on him. Little did he know that in his quest to be taken more seriously, he just looked like a douche who people still kind of took for a joke, anyway.

3. Alec Baldwin uses homophobic slurs.

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It was so very fun for us to watch him (and his kid) try to weasel himself out of the very deep, homophobic hole that he’d dug himself into after having insulted a paparazzo. He lost his brand new MSNBC TV show in the process — but no worries, because he furthered his tantrum by blaming everything on everyone else.

4. Selena Gomez curses in concert.

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Selena lip synced her way to the end of a Jingle Ball concert, at which point the background track she was singing over went off and her mic went way on. That’s why we were all treated the sweet little muffin dropping a big ol’ f-bomb. And, while I doubt that she’s the first musician to yell at her staff mid-tantrum, she’s the one I care about right now.

5. Chris Brown gets arrested for assault (again).

The 10 Best Celebrity Temper Tantrums of 2013 Chris Brown Angry gif


While it’s a full-time job keeping tabs on Chris’ tantrums, his most recent offense is that time that he allegedly punched a random dude in the face, broke his nose and got arrested all before the sun rose! Classic Chris!

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