16 Celebrity Snapchat Incidents We’ll Never Forget

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Kylie Jenner possibly being “high AF”

via Kylie Jenner on Snapchat

Back before she had the entire world in a frenzy over the sudden birth of her baby, Kylie Jenner was making headlines for totally different reasons. Back in 2015, the then-17-year-old Jenner raised a lot of eyebrows when she posted a slightly questionable Snapchat. In the brief video, Kylie can be heard claiming that she's “high AF” while she munches on a chicken nugget. A lot of people took the clip literally and claimed that then-boyfriend Tyga had been leading Kylie astray and giving her illegal substances to try. Jenner later clarified the snap, claiming that she'd been misheard. Apparently, the teen had actually whispered “good AF” in reference to the fried chicken she was eating. While fried chicken is admittedly pretty great, we're still not entirely sure that we believe Kylie on this one.