16 Proud Celebrity Scientologists Who Aren’t Afraid to Admit They Follow The Church of Scientology

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One of the legit reasons we all know about Scientology is because of its ties with the rich and famous. Celebrity Scientologists are everywhere. Our favorite movie stars to our favorite TV actors, in the past decade or so have celebrity Scientologists really come out of the woods to talk about their involvement thanks to Tom Cruise, and of course Leah Remini.

The former King of Queens star left the religion in 2013 and since then has been working hard to expose their secrets. She's also been spilling the tea about those in the Scientology closet. Remini recently noted Jada Pinkett Smith was secretly part of the Church of Scientology. The Gotham star denied all accusations of being a part of what some believe is a cult. While Jada says she's not, there are a lot of other celebrity Scientologists who are loud and proud.

1. Tom Cruise


By far Scientology's most famous face, no one was surprised by this. After Tom Cruise went berserk on Oprah‘s couch everyone and their mother was fully aware of Tom's involvement. We knew a screw was loose then, and that sentiment has yet to change. We're all still a little weirded out by the guy. Probably explains why his movies don't do as well as they once did before we all knew. His relationships with both Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes were apparently negatively affected by the Church. Recently when Nicole didn't thank the kids she and Tom adopted together during her Emmy awards speech, many pointed out that she wasn't even allowed to be in contact with them anymore because she left Scientology.