Celebrity Photographer Tyler Shields Wrote A Novel Called Smartest Man

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Celebrity photographer Tyler Shields has been working on his coffee table book The Dirty Side of Glamour — comprised of his daring, often exploitative photos of hot young actors — for years. “I’ve been working so long on it that it feels like it may never end,” he told Celeb Dirty Laundry in September. So it's surprising that Dirty Side is not the book project he announced on his website yesterday. It turns out that Tyler also had time to pen a novel, called Smartest Man.

The thing is, this project seemed to come out of the blue; the only coverage it's gotten is about Emma Roberts, who played the hand model gripping a human brain (yuck) for the cover. She also apparently helped in writing the book, according to a post on JustJared. So what exactly is the book about? Unfortunately, Tyler's summary won't give you much insight:

Smartest Man is the story of the smartest man in the world and how he becomes the Smartest Man I must warn you this is a crazy book and a wild ride not for the faint of heart!

The Amazon listing isn't any more helpful, though it does feature two fascinating polarized reviews. “Becca G” cannot say enough glowing things about the book, including, SM dives deep into the human psyche, displaying brutally honest human emotion under circumstances which range from heart-breaking to beautiful. Then there's “Nichelle,” who wrote, I admire Shields' artwork and I think he has a crazy yet intriguing mind. But, I've always had a hard time seeing past his lack of punctuation and editing. Yeah, you kind of need that to get a novel out in the world.

To be fair, this is self-published by Amazon Digital Services; it's available only on the Kindle. So it seems to be more of a passion project for Tyler; I'll be curious to read more reviews and see if people think it's a worthwhile move for him, or if he should stick with photography.

A few months ago, Tyler also said of his coffee table book dream, “My hope with it is that if at any point I should ever die and this was the only book I ever put out that it could live on forever.” Well, he doesn't have to worry about that anymore.