Every Important Pop Culture Story You Misssed While You Were On Vacation

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Life moves fast, but the internet moves even faster. If you even blink or turn away to do something necessary, like sleep, you could miss groundbreaking events. So, just imagine how many celebriweddings and cute cat videos come and go while you're merry-happying it up during the holidays. But listen, I don't want you to ever worry that you're going to miss vital goings-on. You just sit tight knowing that when Gift-Giving Holiday Of Your Choice and New Years are over and it's time to drag yourself back to real life, we're here to get you all caught up.

So, here's a nice little collection of all of the things that may have slipped by you while you were away. Also, welcome back; we've missed you here in Internetland.

•  We rounded up 10 awesome TV shows that have equally awesome Twitter accounts

Every time I find out that a really, really good TV show also has a Twitter account that's just as entertaining as the show, an angel gets its wings. Actually, I don't know the specifics of the Wing Certification qualification process, but I'm pretttty sure that an awesome Twitter is involved somehow.

• Chelsea Handler channeled her inner Disney Channel star and tweeted a risque photo

Ahh, yes. I just love it when a comedian (or “comedienne,” if you're that type of person) morphs into the exact thing that they mock all of the time. And it happened right on the heels of fellow blonde bombshell, Dylan Sprouse's, scandalous photo! Just like magic.

Selena and Taylor FaceTimed with Demi and somehow managed not to break the internet

Okay, so I know that Taylor loves sleepovers. And I also know that these girls are best friends because every third person in the world is BFFs with Taylor. YOU could even be her best friend and not even know it yet. But it's still so crazy and refreshing to see them all Facetiming and drinking tea while wearing scarves like normals.

 Beyonce got called out on using Challenger Disaster audio in her song and proved she’s human after all

Beyonce was impeached as Hollywood's resident deity when she was pretty insensitive to the Challenger Disaster tragedy. It was a sad day, really.

• Anna Kendrick sang at the Kennedy Center Honors, continued to literally be pitch perfect

Oh, what's that? You've forgotten how amazing Anna Kendrick is?! Here, have a video of her singing flawlessly. You. Are. Welcome.

• Kris Jenner thought Khloe should get a nose job at age 9, of course

I really have to hand it to ol' Krissy. She manages to surprise me with her strange mothering time and time again. And just when I thought that she'd done all that she could do to shock me, Khloe goes and reveals the nose job that Kris wanted her to have when she was 9. What.

• Britney Spears’ rock hard Las Vegas abs might be as fake as her singing

Hello, Britney! May I ask what the hell? You don't even need to have very muscular abs, and you really don't need to makeup them into existence. I promise.

• Keira Knightley shared her views on feminism and they will surely brighten your day

After all of the misguided opinions on feminism that have been thrown around in Hollywood lately, it's so awesome to hear Keira's. Round of applause all around, please.

• Sarah Hyland did not take the Carly Rae Jepsen casting news well, then she pre-apologized for mean tweet

You should know that Sarah had a full on meltdown when she found out that Carly Rae Jepsen would be Broadway's new Cinderella. But that didn't last long before actual Cinderella swooped in and told her to back off.

• Justin Bieber asked fans to name his puppy and they came up with something very fitting

Right after he announced his retirement for PR purposes, Justin made sure to have his fans help him pick the single most fitting name for his new puppy. Also, to the puppy, I'm sorry and may you never overhear the stories of Justin's old pets.

• Obviously Kanye gave baby North a baby Lamborghini for Christmas

Is Kanye West even a real human at this point? Whose child gets a luxury car for Christmas before she can even walk?

• This photo from the set of Gone Girl will get you irrationally excited for the movie

Maybe you're not over Ben as Batman, yet. But the first photo of Ben in his other new movie, Gone Girl, might ease the pain just a little.

• Miley Cyrus burned Joe Jonas for accusing her of peer pressure

The National Fund To Soothe Joe Jonas' Burn is now accepting ice donations after Miley's response to his tell-all essay caused some 3rd degree damage. If you don't quite remember, he threw both her and Demi Lovato all the way under the bus. But, no worries, her response made him look so very foolish.

• Either Dean McDermott cheated on Tori Spelling, or this Canadian girl is great at sTORItelling

Of course there was a sex scandal in the mix. When is there not?

• Here’s everythign you need to know about (NSFW) fanfic

So, internet fan fiction is really intense. And we learned that 12 times over. Come and learn with us!

• Watch Demi Lovato sing ‘Let It Go’ from Frozen in Disneyland and believe in magic

Oh man. I will never not be impressed with Demi's voice. It's so amazing and is made only better when that voice is used to sing the best song from Frozen. Just a whole lot of “yes please” all over this.

And, just like that, it's like you never even left.