16 of the Juiciest Celebrity Love Triangles

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Barry White famously told us on The Message is Love that “love ain’t easy.” Anyone that’s spent any length of time in a relationship would probably agree with the legendary crooner. This sentiment seems to especially be true for celebrities, as so much of their relationships unfold in the public eye and are subject to the opinions and criticisms of fans all over the world.

But still, they persist — they enter into relationships, go public with them, and then, more often than not, have them fall apart right as everyone’s watching. Sometimes they fall apart for the most basic reasons — conflicting schedules, etc. — but once in a while, they’ll fall apart for super scandalous reasons. Like a love triangle. We’ve rounded up the 16 juiciest celebrity love triangles for you — proving that everything from teenage drama to co-worker proximity can be to blame for making love not easy at all.