Celebrity Lookalikes: Separated At Birth?

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It's weird how some celebrity siblings look nothing alike. Barring the Kardashian sisters and maybe the Deschanels, it's hard to see how some stars get all the good genes while their less attractive brothers or sisters end up looking like their melty-faced versions (see: Baldwin brothers). And sometimes you just look at two famous people and go “How are they not related?” You can't tell me that Javier Bardem is not Jeffrey Dean Morgan‘s swarthier alter ego. Here then, are this week's Crushable's celebrity lookalikes, hopefully their parents are finally ready to tell them the truth about the adoption papers.

Stephanie Pratt and Tara Reid

We don't know who should be more offended by this comparison – Stephanie or Tara – but you have to admit they are starting to merge into the same C-list celeb.

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