Celebrity Lookalikes: AMA Dresses And Spirit Birds

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The American Music Awards aired last night, and as promised the Backstreet Boys were back. As were superstars like Justin Bieber, Fergieand Katy Perry, who took the stage to perform for an eager nation. But, um, it just us or did everyone sound a little off? Our musician friend theorized that the guy in charge of monitoring the artists' ear mics was screwing up, and we're not qualified to do anything but nod, take his word for it, and get to work commenting on the crazy outfits. Speaking off: As pop's boldest and brightest walked down the red carpet last night we couldn't shake the feeling that were we actually watching a show in the aviary house at the Bronx Zoo. From Rihanna‘s cardinal-esque monochrome to Ke$ha‘s hoopoe-like mohawk, America's celebs were channeling their inner bird all the way to the podium.